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The iPhone SE 2020 in Review: Should You Buy It?

**Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Amidst everything being shut down, nothing stopped Apple from dropping a bomb on the industry with their revamp of a classic, the iPhone SE 2020.

Despite its lack of drastic change in design, this iPhone’s features and price tag are spiking people’s interest throughout the country. What is it about the iPhone SE 2020 that has people so curious? Let’s take a look!

SE 2020 Highlights

It’s no secret this is a pretty thought-provoking release on Apple’s part. Many question what makes the new iPhone SE any different or better than the iPhone 8, while others are wondering why Apple would release a “basic” phone after the recent iPhone 11 series drop.

Even more than that, a LOT of people are trying to decide if they should buy it, and if you’re here reading this you might just be one of them! Alright, let’s dive into what this new/old iPhone is packing!


So, let’s look past the identical iPhone 8 housing really quick to zoom in on the brain that’s running this phone. The A13 Bionic chip may be new to this body design, however, this isn’t its first rodeo. This same chip is also running the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series!

That means faster processing for smoother and more efficient performance that you could expect in the iPhone 11’s. Apple’s decision to include their A13 chip is one of the major factors that makes the iPhone SE stand out and overall outperform competition in its price bracket.


Our next highlight is the iPhone SE’s camera. Along with the newer hardware, Apple claims it essentially shares the same 12 MP Wide Camera as the iPhone 11/11 Pro’s main one. Now before you grab your wallet and run, keep in mind that’s only ONE of the multi-camera sets installed in the 11 series. Unfortunately, that means you’re not going to get all the extra features, filters and advanced capabilities, although you get portrait mode and 6 other effects!


With all the hype surrounding full front screens (particularly on the iPhone SE’s budget-friendly competitor the iPhone 11), you might be concerned the SE’s screen is sub-par in quality. Well, hold your hat because we’ve got good news for you!

Although the SE’S bezel design creates a smaller display area, its quality image parallels that of its opponents. On the tech side of things, the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11, and the iPhone XR all boast 326ppi (pixels per inch) LCD panels. Even if you opt for the traditional bezel design, you’ll still experience that beautiful, sharp image you’d get on the iPhone 11!



Now that we know the facts, let’s discuss why it could be the new phone for you! As great as this phone is, it may not be for everybody, but it IS for somebody! Okay enough with the poetry, here we go!


The iPhone SE 2020 (dun dun DUN) is a big hit in the market and there’s no mystery why. It’s safe to say the overall look is a nostalgic play for people who like the traditional style. Basically, you’re getting the regular flagship size and design (complete with the Touch ID home button), but with upgraded and modern internals for an overall performance upgrade.

Because of Apple’s decision to keep the old-style look, this device is a major contender for those who aren’t interested in having the newest and fanciest phones of the future. Plus, if you’re already accustomed to it and prefer it than might as well stick with it! Not to mention, this build is much more compact and lightweight compared to the others.



Have you ever heard of a brand new, snazzy, and updated iPhone being $399 upon its release? Yeah, me neither! That was the case until the iPhone SE broke the internet with its astounding price tag.

First of all, just the fact that someone can get a beautifully made, quality iPhone from Apple at an affordable price is insanity. Let’s be real, I support Apple along with other companies as well, but boy do their prices make my stomach knot sometimes.

Now, being a tech nerd myself, I see the value in the products enough to justify the steep prices. However, the cheapskate in me refuses spending that kind of money if I don’t need every extra bell and whistle that comes with it. But this model is changing things!

Apple made an iPhone that the average American can buy! Guys, this is groundbreaking. Don’t let the lower price fool you, it is by no means trash quality. In fact, the iPhone SE 2020 is making waves in the Budget Friendly sector amongst its adversaries (Samsung, Google, OnePlus, etc).

So if you don’t enjoy spending rent on a new smartphone, then this is a fantastic option! Or if you don’t want all the top-notch tech upgrades and you prefer the simplicity of the old-fashioned look then it could be a great fit!


Now we know all the dirty deets on the SE’s claim to fame, so I’m going to sum up some things that should be considered for those that this phone wouldn’t be ideal for.

Apple did a phenomenal job making a classic iPhone with some upgrades to be versatile for its consumers. On the other hand, some of the features that didn’t make the cut in the final design could be vital for some users experience.

As I previously touched on, hardcore techie nerds (like myself) thrive on following the latest and greatest tech releases, predominantly in cell phones. Whether it’s the full package camera options or the ultra-lavish edge to edge OLED screens, the iPhone SE won’t compete. Just go for the one that has what you want!

An aspect that goes for any decision between the iPhones with home buttons or edge-to-edge screens is the factor of eyesight. If you have a hard time seeing everything on the regular sized screens, then maybe you should consider getting one of the bigger phones. This doesn’t mean you have to absolutely make the jump to the 11 series or even X series, but at least go for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Last thing (I promise!) to touch on is the battery. Although it’s still a good battery comparative to the iPhone 8, it needs to be charged more than if you have an XR or newer model. Plain and simple fact is it’s a smaller body that holds a smaller battery than the bigger bodies with bigger batteries. If you suck the life from your battery and hate having to charge up multiple times a day then this could be a slight annoyance to you (not hatin’, just statin’).


All in all the iPhone SE 2020 is another great smartphone produced by Apple. Plus, for the first time ever it’s an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice the legendary quality of Apple’s products. If you want the newest toys, then it’s probably going to disappoint you. Or, if you want a good, ole reliable iPhone with the quirks of some of Apple’s latest technologies then consider the iPhone SE 2020!

If you’re interested in seeing Apple’s stylish breakdown the of the iPhone SE 2020 and the source for this information, visit this link 

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**Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.**

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