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Apple’s Audio IC: Can you hear me now?

What's Plaguing Apple's iPhone 7/7+ Series?

With Apple being a top leader in the smartphone industry, you can count on the world to keep watch of every iPhone release. Most of us know about the iPhone 7 Plus that was released in 2016. Because of its dual cameras and whopping 3GB of RAM making a dramatic shift from the previous iPhone 6 & 6S models, this phone has been a super popular choice for many Apple users.

From the tech side of things, the 7+ showed major promise in its apparent lack of reported problems from its users, especially after its sibling, the iPhone 7, bore the infamous “No Service” issue.

The Epidemic Begins

The iPhone 7+ was going strong without any major problems until a plethora of calls from frustrated customers started streaming into tech shops. Of course, the first few calls would lead to shops trying to inspect the device to figure out what was causing the problem. Because attempts to replace parts and speakers didn’t resolve the issue, it was feeling like those first few customers just had defective phones of some sort. This seemed to be reasonably true until the quantity of calls coming in complaining of audio issues on the iPhone 7 Plus started to multiply.

The theory that this issue was in fact a hardware issue on the iPhone rather than a freak event only solidified as all the calls listed identical symptoms:

  1. Unable to hear the other party on the line through the ear piece.
  2. The other party can’t hear you.
  3. Speaker Phone option is grayed out/not working.
  4. Apple’s Voice Memo app doesn’t work.

As techs, when basic part swaps don’t fix the issue we look at the board next. Of course, as we investigated under a microscope the culprit was found!

Why Does It Happen?

Audio IC Chip. Well, it’s not the chip itself, but more the piece that is securing it to the board. As you can guess, the Audio IC chip is responsible for the audio functions (ear speaker, speaker phone, mic, etc). In the design, Apple used a plate to attach the chip to the logic board. And that’s all fine and dandy, except the location of the plate is perfectly positioned along a weak zone in the frame. What this means is, with day to day use our iPhones are being sat on or squeezed into tight spaces or bags, and even more than that! All the strain the iPhone endures is taken by that frame, resulting in it bowing or bending slightly. Even though Apple has taken measures to strengthen the iPhone frame, everything has a “breaking point” so to speak.


As expected, this action starts to loosen that plate from its place on the iPhone’s logic board. And, you guessed it, with the plate went the chip. As a result, this led to audio functions coming to a screeching halt. From there, was born the iPhone 7 Plus plague called “Audio IC Issue”.


It’s not all bad news for the consumer, though! This terrible problem can be fixed! Find yourself a great tech shop (such as ourselves), and tell them what you need! With some micro-soldering skills, your phone will be good as new!


Are you a victim of Audio IC? Call Smartfix today to see how we can help!

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