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16888 Nisqualli Rd. Ste 300 Victorville, CA 92395

Tues-Sat: 11:00–6:00 Sun-Mon: CLOSED


Why Us

Smartfix is a locally owned company that uses its expertise in technology and device repairs to keep the high desert connected. Not only that, but we are the original device repair shop, 100% authentic. We started it all. Here at Smartfix, our team conducts business traditionally. You know, similar to how business was conducted back in the day, the way it used to be. Back when the #1 priority was making the client happy and exceeding their expectations. Whatever happened to that? Wherever it went, Smartfix is bringing it back. We are here to serve YOU.

Now, you know as well as I do that there are some lingering repair shops in our midst. Granted, you could go there instead because of course “Aren’t they all the same thing?” The answer to that my friend, is NO. When I started Smartfix I made the decision that would separate my company from the rest. I chose quality over quantity. Rather than stock up on all of the general manufacturers’ low priced parts, Smartfix only uses Grade A parts (original quality-same quality as the original part that was in your device when you bought it brand new). On top of that, you receive a warranty. That is provided because there is confidence in our work. Our technicians obsess over details that don’t even cross others’ minds.

-Joe Scalise, Owner

Our Mission

Provide quality customer service that reflects traditional values of care and respect.

Offer timely repairs to prevent snags in the daily life of a tech-user.

Make it easy with mobile service! We come to you!

Boost confidence with our Consulting for tech-saavy skills!

Share our best tips, tricks, and advice to care for a device.

Our Advantages

Quality Parts, Quality Service
We offer two grades of screens, both great quality, to provide options that are beneficial for everyone! Our Premium screens will be mimicking the original screen when the device was new from the manufacturer (Apple, etc). Our AfterMarket screens will still carry over the same qualities but they are manufactured through a third party-vendor allowing us to offer them at lower prices. Both screens come with a warranty with the same coverage, so either way the customer wins!
We've got you covered!
Our repairs come with a warranty included at no additional cost to you! If something happens that falls outside of the warranty coverage, we still will do our best to help you out. We focus on building lasting relationships, ensuring every experience is a great one!
Extra Protection Plans
Ditch the monthly fee and deductible payment money pit with your carrier and get insurance that saves you money instead! With no monthly fee & deductible-free insurance plans, you can protect your device without sweating the bank. No point in paying every month for something you might only use once a year, if ever!

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